1. Spiked Tinsel

  2. Cryptograms

  3. Starbirth - Generation Alpha

  4. Three Rooms: Works for Guitar & Clarinet
    Barrett Smith, Guitar ft. Bryan A. Crumpler, Clarinetist/Arranger

  5. Stravinsky: Three Pieces for Clarinet (Orchestral Suite)
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Orchestrator

  6. Concerto No. 1 for Clarinet in A & Sym. Orch.
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Clarinetist/Composer

  7. Amazing Grace
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Clarinet / arr. David Hamilton, orch. c/o Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

  8. Native Blood: Fake Ash Hit
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Vincent Schilling, Delores Schilling

  9. Battered Unicorn: Anti-Anxiety Music

  10. Pierrotica (P-eroïca)

  11. Star Spangled Banner (Concert Version)
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Arranger

  12. Faerie Floss for Piano

  13. Ninth Fantasy (from Beethoven) on "Ode to Joy" for Piano & Symphony Orchestra
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Composer/Piano

  14. The Apotheosis: 'Ave Maria' for Symphony Orch.

  15. The Madd Teapot

  16. Roulette de l'Amour (Love Roulette)

  17. Adagio Soave from "Two Pieces for Viola & Piano" arr./orch. for Symphony Orchestra
    Andrey Rubtsov, Composer; Bryan A. Crumpler, Orchestrator/Arranger

  18. Lift Every Voice and Sing (National Poetry Month / MLK50 Commemorative Edition)
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Composer/Arranger

  19. Dinobabies

  20. "Avant Décembre" for Guitar, Harp & Strings ft. Clarinet
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Clarinet, Guitar c/o Niel Zaza

  21. Primer Persichetti: Pageant Op. 59
    Vincent Persichetti, Bryan A. Crumpler

  22. "Arrival of the Magi" for Wind Symphony

  23. Giggly Amorcitas: Gigi L'Amoroso for Alto Sax
    Bryan A. Crumpler; Artwork by Tina Kügler (tinakuglerstudio.com)

  24. Londonderry Air for Clarinet & E.Piano

  25. Coronation – Volume III

  26. Coronation – Volume II

  27. Coronation – Volume I


Bryan A. Crumpler New York, New York

Founder of Ahmadeus Beaux-Arts, Inc., a New Lab member company and Composer-in-Residence applying HCI, AI/ML,and BCI Neurotechnology to the art of music & music creation. Specializations: film/concert music & musical cryptography.

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