The Apotheosis for Symphony Orchestra (LE Score & Parts)

from Bryan A. Crumpler

Sheet Music

An apocalyptic tone poem; a 7 minute 24 second tale of light cast into darkness, the birth of the moon and earth, stars being ripped from the heavens and its dust, giving rise from ashes to life, up until the end of days.

At the heart of the work rests a simple melody, borrowed from the well-known rosary prayer "Ave Maria," which takes shape rather amorphously throughout the work. It lies deeply buried in clusters of uncertainty from beginning to end, representing not only a tonal but personal battle between concepts of faith and science, humanity and divinity, pulchritude and ethereality and, ultimately, creation, destruction and the ascent to the divine.

Musings on these ideas stem from the Book of Revelations...

11x14 Legacy scores & parts come in Luxury Old-World wrap bindings with Amalfi paper. The Francescano Leather is made of the finest hand cut leather, with a unique natural grain. Antiqued leather with hand-tooled detail and triple-fold design is encircled by a handsome strap to protect the pages. These are limited edition items and will come embossed. Only 2 initially being made!

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Bryan A. Crumpler New York, New York

Composer, Musical Cryptanalyst, Founder/CEO & Chief Cryptologist – Ahmadeus Beaux-Arts, Inc.

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