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Fake Ash Hit [Uncensored]

from Native Blood: Fake Ash Hit by Bryan A. Crumpler, Vincent Schilling, Delores Schilling

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Standalone uncensored version of "Fake Ash Hit" from the Native Blood Project.


[6 bar intro]
If you wanna wear my headdress
Then wear the blood
That fell down our temple as we were
Beaten by a settler’s rifle

Left gory
And dying
Left fighting
So we'd survive

If you wanna wear our feathers
Then wear the cries
Of animals killed for sport, that died
While we were left starving in our tribe

And hiding
From hunters
And mud stuffed
In the mouths of babes

[8 bar interlude]
If you wanna paint your face
Then you wear the mud
Stuffed in the mouths of babes, silenced
And suffocated to let the tribe

Stay hiding
From hunters
(Shhhh!) No crying
So we'll survive

[4 bar interlude]

[rap voice]
The land we belong to
Was our gift from the Cre-a-tor
Stolen from us,
now here you sit
just bein’ a faker

Whatchu know ‘bout
children eatin’ candy
from a soldier?
Laughin’ and peeing
in all our treats
Y'all fuckas bold, yeah?

Whatchall know ‘bout elders
being killed and put in handcuffs
Walkin’ barefoot in the snow, being told
It's time to go, yeah?

[corny white man voice]
Knock knock, gitty up, gotta leave
This ‘s our land now, big chief

[rap voice]
Elders forced to walk
Miles and miles...
All covered in blood:
every woman, man, and child

But y’all don’t want any of that
Y’all want that fake shit
& turkey feathered hats
Dyed to match your eyeshadow
Y’all bitches need to know
That just ain't how it go
We ain’t havin’ none o’ that

Y’all can have your painted
plastic masks
And all your plastic beads
from strange factories
And all your fake ass
“Savage War Paint”
No you ain’t,
gonna be us on Halloweens

Your plastic breastplates
are a fuckin joke.
Your plastic bear claw
necklace is a hoax.
You thought you beat us?
Y'all didn’t defeat us!
And now you sit,
havin’ a fit,
‘cause you cain’t be us.

Y’all just tryna fill a hole
Of an empty soul,
and be wack cultural

Yet we remind you
of the mess that you cre-a-ted
But we got legislation
now that gives us stā-tus
And it’s just more popular,
No longer gauche
to shoot us all
with a lead ball,
tryna remove us.

But nawww,
y'all ain't kill us all
We ain't the one's who are lost
and forgot who we are

Y'all dress in fake ass
versions of us
Still tryna take from us
And get them Benjam-uns

But we don't even wanna
dress in versions of you.
Witcha pilgrim ass shoes
Lookin' ridiculous

Tick tock,
time's up,
y'all gotta cease!
All that quackery is
for the muthafuckin' geese!

|: Y'all don't want that real blood
Connected to our culture
You just want that fake ass shit,
You halloweeny vultures! :|

Y'all just wanna Disney fantasy
And imitation teepees
From shinin' sea to sea;
You think you're so superior
You ain't a warrior, to fight our fight
With all them racist muthafuckin'

You only want the bright co-uh-lors
The symbols of our great cu-uhl-ture
Not all the missing and all the mur-dered

Nor our languages
No teen suicides
And not the genocide

This land is ours,
It was a gift from the cre-a-tor
And now you wanna steal it back,
You fuckin' faker
Why you wanna make a fuss
You poor white savior
Trying and lying 'n disre-
-spectin' us every day, yeah? (NO!)

Whatch-u know a-bout Wendigos
And bein' Eskimos,
You fake plastic hoes!

You don't want that real blood
Connected to our culture
You just want costumery,
You halloweeny vulture.

Witcha red and blue plastic masks
Your fake dream catchers...
And your Pocahottie fetishes,
Y'all just wanna dis-mantle us,
But you ain't greater than us
And we don't need you to deliver us

We just want all ya's to leave us in peace
And respect our treaties...
Like the fireflies and bumblebees

But y’all don’t wanna do none o' that
Y’all wanna be a bitch
and pitch a fit
and profit off our backs

Tick tock, time's up, y’all gotta quit!
And stop appropriatin' all our fuckin' shit!!!


from Native Blood: Fake Ash Hit, released July 28, 2019


all rights reserved



Bryan A. Crumpler New York, New York

Composer, Musical Cryptanalyst, Founder/CEO & Chief Cryptologist – Ahmadeus Beaux-Arts, Inc.

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