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The Muses

from Adoration of the Muses by Bryan A. Crumpler

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Dare you indulge in the mystical allure of "Adoration of the Muses" and experience the magic of artistic exploration like never before? Open your heart, expand your mind, and let my Muses carry you away on a sublimely subliminal voyage of musical creativity, grit, and passion.

"Needleknuckles" (Chief of Muses and first movement of "The Muses") combines the Stravinskian cacophony of orchestral tumult with elusive striking, immersing you in a rhythmically chaotic dance that embodies the intensity of desire and yearning for free artistic expression. For the warriors at heart – the protectors of Indigenous land, air, and water – this movement of "The Muses" is dedicated to Native-American media mogul and radio personality Delores Schilling. Delores' work extends, among others, to advocacy for Indigenous rights, LGBTQIA2SP rights, accessibility for the disabled, homelessness prevention, and raising awareness about missing and murdered Indigenous women (cf. MMIW and MMIWG). Her superhero name "Needleknuckles" was given by her husband – award-winning Akwesasne Mohawk journalist, editor, and public speaker Vincent Schilling – to describe the fierceness of her poleaxing punch. Emphasizing her kindred spirit and beautiful soul, the work hybridizes Muse Code™ with the Stravinsky Code™ to generate dovetails on the syllables "nee-dle knu-ckles," with edgy col legno mirroring the syllables "De-lo-res." Needleknuckle's superpowers are Premonition, Clairvoyance, Empathy, and Impassioned Speech.

This movement, written in the Spring of 2023, was adapted in June for distinguished artist Wanda Nieves to accompany her illuminating painting BORINQUEN. The painting is a seamless tetraptych on the colonization of the Taíno – the historic Indigenous peoples of the Caribbean – and provides a visualization of how the island became present-day Puerto Rico. In parallel to "Needleknuckles," the dovetailing mirrors the syllables "Por-to Ri-co," with edgy col legno hacking out "Bo-ri-ken." Boriken means "Great Land of the Valiant and Noble Lord" and is what Taíno inhabitants called the territory prior to European colonization in the 15th century.

In the second movement of "The Muses," the Son of Aurora (Principal Muse) takes you on a sparkling, meditative journey, where meticulously constructed harmonies are formed from Metatron cubes comprised of 25 hex diamonds and 25 Magen stars to create a chakratic atmosphere of introspection and inner peace. The work reflects the contemplative nature of inspiration, where silence speaks volumes and the most profound ideas wistfully align. The Son of Aurora's superpowers are Spontaneous Disappearance, Shape Shifting, and Space Magic.

In the third movement of "The Muses," the Winds are guided on a jesterous journey by Lambeau (Assistant Principal Muse) whose essence evokes a sense of exultation and transcendence. Its boisterous interludes, thumb-thumping beat, and jazzy twists allude to the infinite possibilities that unravel when Muses guide our creative endeavors, leading us to realms beyond our simplistic imaginations. Lambeau's superpowers are The Gift of Tongues, Channeling Energies, and Micturition Fingers.

About the Cover Art:

Wanda Nieves is a born and raised New Yorker who relocated in her late teens to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where her parents were born. She attended the School of Plastics Arts of Puerto Rico, completing her Bachelor's Degree in 1983 under the tutelage of several of the most distinguished contemporary artists in Puerto Rico's Art History. In 1999, she continued studies at the School of Classical Realism in France and has been devoted to exhibiting her paintings on an international scale ever since. The prismatic cover artwork is inspired by her creation of the Dragon of El Morro, which emanates from the blueprint of El Morro Fortress in the Bay of San Juan. This legendary fortress began construction in the 16th century and was long perceived as unconquerable until the Spanish-American War in 1898. Advancements in weaponry, technology, and tactical capabilities after the Industrial Revolution had rendered the fort obsolete. It later served as a military base for the United States during World War I and II.


from Adoration of the Muses, released June 19, 2023


all rights reserved



Bryan A. Crumpler New York, New York

Composer, Musical Cryptanalyst, Founder/CEO & Chief Cryptologist – Ahmadeus Beaux-Arts, Inc.

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