1. Coronation – Volume III

  2. Coronation – Volume II

  3. Coronation – Volume I

  4. Spiked Tinsel

  5. Dinobabies

  6. Cryptograms

  7. Native Blood: Fake Ash Hit
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Vincent Schilling, Delores Schilling

  8. Pierrotica (P-eroïca)
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Composer

  9. Stravinsky: Three Pieces for Clarinet (Orchestral Suite)
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Composer/Orchestrator

  10. Three Rooms: Works for Guitar & Clarinet
    Barrett Smith, Guitar ft. Bryan A. Crumpler, Clarinetist/Arranger

  11. Starbirth - Generation Alpha
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Composer

  12. Faerie Floss for Piano
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Composer

  13. Lift Every Voice and Sing (National Poetry Month / MLK50 Commemorative Edition)
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Composer/Arranger

  14. Concerto No. 1 for Clarinet in A & Sym. Orch.
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Clarinet; acc. c/o London Symphony Orchestra

  15. Primer Persichetti: Pageant Op. 59
    Vincent Persichetti, Bryan A. Crumpler

  16. "Avant Décembre" for Guitar, Harp & Strings ft. Clarinet
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Clarinet, Guitar c/o Niel Zaza

  17. Battered Unicorn: Anti-Anxiety Music
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Composer

  18. Amazing Grace
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Clarinet / arr. David Hamilton, orch. c/o Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

  19. Star Spangled Banner (Concert Version)
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Composer; orch. c/o London Symphony Orchestra

  20. The Apotheosis: 'Ave Maria' for Symphony Orch.
    Bryan A. Crumpler, orch. c/o London Symphony Orchestra

  21. Roulette de l'Amour (Love Roulette)
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Composer; chamber orch. c/o London Symphony Orchestra

  22. The Madd Teapot
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Composer; orch. c/o London Symphony Orchestra

  23. Adagio Soave from "Two Pieces for Viola & Piano" arr./orch. for Symphony Orchestra
    Andrey Rubtsov; Bryan A. Crumpler; orch. c/o London Symphony Orchestra

  24. Ninth Fantasy (from Beethoven) on "Ode to Joy" for Piano & Symphony Orchestra
    Bryan A. Crumpler, Piano; orch. c/o London Symphony Orchestra

  25. "Arrival of the Magi" for Wind Symphony
    Bryan A. Crumpler; perf. c/o London Symphony Winds

  26. Giggly Amorcitas: Gigi L'Amoroso for Alto Sax
    Bryan A. Crumpler; Artwork by Tina Kügler (tinakuglerstudio.com)

  27. Londonderry Air for Clarinet & E.Piano


Bryan A. Crumpler New York, New York

Founder of Ahmadeus Beaux-Arts, Inc., a New Lab member company that leverages the intellectual capital of arts organizations to elevate the conscience of global society.

My work centers on navigating the sulci of myelinated minds to effect social change at the intersection of music, film, art, language, science, math and technology.
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