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Adoration of the Muses

by Bryan A. Crumpler

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The Descent 04:12
Love Lost 03:43
The Gift 02:43
The Muses 11:50


Step into a realm where cryptic melodies intertwine with euphonic reveries, invoking an otherworldly journey through the realms of inspiration and imagination. "Adoration of the Muses" is a breathtaking musical odyssey that pays homage to the awe-inspiring power of Muses, often described as divine sources of artistic inspiration in Greek mythology, yet represented here by the forces of human nature.

Drawing upon the depths of creativity and the sheer passion of the human spirit, this EP encapsulates the boundless adoration and reverence for these mystical beings and their qualities in humans we encounter each and every day. Each track is an exquisite tapestry of harmonies, rhythms, and emotions meticulously crafted to transport listeners into a state of contemplation, wonder, and bliss.

From beginning to end, you will find yourself rapt by the enchanting allure of these Muses. The album's opening track, "Adriatic Magic," briefly sets the stage with its hauntingly delicate motifs and celestial chimes, inviting the Muses to descend from the heavens and infuse the music with their essence.

As “The Descent” and “Love Lost” unfold, you become engulfed in an abyss of sonic intrigue involving love, loss, grievance, and heartbreak, reflecting the intense and eclectic nature of otherworldly inspiration itself. “The Gift” goes on to depict the compassionate blessings of three mortals who assume the role of modern muse: Needleknuckles (“The Punkwalker”), Son of Aurora (“Bringer of Light”), and Lambeau (“Guardian of the Winds”).

"Needleknuckles", the first of The Muses, combines the Stravinskian cacophony of orchestral tumult with elusive striking, immersing you in a rhythmically chaotic dance that embodies the intensity of desire and yearning for free artistic expression.

"Son of Aurora" takes you on a sparkling, meditative journey, where meticulously constructed harmonies are formed from Metatron cubes comprised of hex diamonds and the Magen star to create a chakratic atmosphere of introspection and inner peace. It is reflective of the contemplative nature of inspiration, where silence speaks volumes and the most profound ideas wistfully align.

The Adoration reaches its crescendo with "Lambeau," a cryptic recessional evoking a sense of exultation and transcendence. Its boisterous interludes, thumb thumping beat, and jazzy twists allude to the infinite possibilities that unravel when Muses guide our creative endeavors, leading us to realms beyond our simplistic imaginations.

Dare you indulge in the mystical allure of "Adoration of the Muses" and experience the magic of artistic exploration like never before? Open your heart; expand your mind; let my Muses carry you away on a sublimely subliminal voyage of musical creativity, grit, and passion.


released June 19, 2023


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Bryan A. Crumpler New York, New York

Composer, Musical Cryptanalyst, Founder/CEO & Chief Cryptologist – Ahmadeus Beaux-Arts, Inc.

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